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Beekeeping in the Republic of Bashkortostan

As of January 1, 2019, there are 325.3 thousand bee colonies in the Republic of Bashkortostan, including 7.2 thousand bee colonies (2.2%) in agricultural enterprises, 30.8 thousand bee colonies (9.5%) in farms and individual entrepreneurs, 287.3 thousand bee colonies (88.3%) in the private sector. 12.6 thousand tons of gross honey were produced (38.2 kg per bee colony), including 5.46 thousand tons of marketable honey (16.5 kg per bee colony).

Bashkortostan has all the necessary conditions for the effective industry development:

1. wealth of natural and cultural honey plants;
2. availability of breeding plant for breeding bees;
3. scientific and educational institutions;
4. enterprise for the bee stock production;
5. Bashkir honey and Bashkir bees demand in the Russian and world markets.

Bashkir honey is world famous. Only in the last century it was awarded three gold medals at international exhibitions and fairs: in Paris, 1900; in Erfurt, 1961; and in Moscow, 1971, at the Apimondia Congress.

Honey fairs are held annually. In addition, wholesale buyers from all regions of Russia buy Bashkir honey and other bee products.

Associations of Beekeepers in Bashkiria

Interregional Association of producers activity coordination and processors of bee products (President - Rishat Galeev);
Regional public organization "Association of beekeeping of the Republic of Bashkortostan" (chaired by Munawir Valiullin);
Regional public organization "Beekeepers of Bashkiria" (Chairman - Ildus Mullayanov);
In addition, in many melliferous regions of the Republic there formed the regional beekeepers Associations such as: Iglinskiy, Gafuriyskiy, Burzyansky, Askinskogo and etc.

Training in beekeeping

In the direction of "beekeeping" educational institutions of the Republic were trained, in 2019:

- Bashkir State Agrarian University (first half of the year) – 16 people;
- Aksenov Agricultural College – 14 people;
- Bashkir Agricultural College – 15 people;
- Meleuzovsky Multidisciplinary Professional College – 25 people;
- Mishkinskogo Agricultural College – 25 people;
- Refresher courses, conferences, seminars (first half of the year) – 250 people.

More than 2000 specialists in beekeeping have been trained in Bashkir State Agrarian University (BSAU) for more than 50 years. Graduates work not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Germany and Japan.

Today the University prepares:
- bachelors in the direction of "Technology of production of bee products»;
- masters;
- beekeepers in the courses of students;
- PhD students with qualification "Researcher. Teacher-researcher".

The University has a good material and technical base.
Material and technical support of the Department is represented by laboratories of beekeeping, quality of bee products, bee diseases, laboratory-Museum of beekeeping and Zoology and educational apiary.

Practical training issues of in beekeeping are also engaged in the TRANS-Ural training and research center of the BSAU.

During the period from 2008 to 2013 the Department of beekeeping, private animal husbandry and breeding was twice recognized as the best Department of the faculty of biotechnology and veterinary medicine of BSAU.

During the work of the scientific school of beekeeping there prepared three doctors, 17 PhDs, received 16 patents for inventions. Scientists of the Department published more than 900 scientific works, including 26 monographs. Numerous scientific developments of scientists of the Department are widely used by scientists and specialists of the Russian Federation in science and practice. Textbooks "Beekeeping of Bashkortostan", "Products of beekeeping", "Biology of bee family", "Beekeeping for pupils of 9-11 classes" were published.

Together with Institute of DPO BSAU courses on the program "Intensive technology of production of products of beekeeping" are conducted, annually are trained and receive certificates on these courses more than 20 listeners.


Annually, about 1.5 thousand tons are sold outside the Republic of Bashkortostan, including to other countries:

Individual Entrepreneur (IE) Rezaev R. T. (Salagaev K. A.): Canada - 23.2 tons;
Trading House "Gifts of Bashkiria" LLC (Bakirov A. G.): UAE, Jordan, China, Poland, Iraq – 1.74 tons;
GBU BSRC on beekeeping and apitherapy: Iraq – 0.73 tonnes.

Trademark "Bashkir honey»

In Soviet times, honey was an export product — everything that was purchased by the Central Union was sent abroad. And therefore, to get the honey in the "honey country" was only possible with friends beekeepers. One Bashkiria managed to get away from the "export duty" and its honey was sold in stores. Experts say that this is why Bashkir honey is still valued — because of the genetic memory of the population.
Today, the trademark "Bashkir honey" has a second owner — the same name Ufa’s LTD, affiliated with a major producer of honey — the company "Bashkir apiaries". The company has registered in Rospatent the right to use the marking in respect of the place of origin of the goods. They also until 2024 has a government Department of the Bashkir BSRC on beekeeping and apitherapy (BSRC). The right feature on the Ufa’s LTD "Bashkir honey" and is valid until 18 December 2025.


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